Investigation launched into horror Tamworth race fall

HORSE FALL: Modern Family finished the race without a jockey at Tamworth racecourse on Sunday. Photo: Gareth Gardner
HORSE FALL: Modern Family finished the race without a jockey at Tamworth racecourse on Sunday. Photo: Gareth Gardner

An inquiry into five horses involved in a deadly collision in race two at Sunday's Country Championships qualifier continues.

Two horses died as a result of the race when Son Of A Dun reportedly had a heart attack and fell at the 900m mark.

"The inquiry has been adjourned to allow stewards time to read through veterinary and race reports," a Racing NSW spokesman said.

"It is usual practice for the inquiry to be adjourned in cases where multiple horses have fallen."

No date has been set for the inquiry to recommence but the Racing NSW stewards' report shows Son Of A Dun worked well in the four months that led into the 1400m Maiden Handicap on Sunday.

At this stage there is no indication why the horse had a heart attack early into the second race of the day.

The gelding recently underwent two treatments for a near-hind hoof abcess with its last fast work recorded on Friday.

Trainer Rodney Northam has provided stable treatment and veterinary records for the three months prior to the race and a post-mortem urine sample was taken from the horse.

Gelding James Richard was euthanised after it fell at the 900m mark.

The horse managed to regain its footing after the domino-effect fall before it collided with the outside fence.

Vets rushed to the scene and sedated the horse where it was diagnosed with a broken shoulder, head trauma and blood at both nostrils.

Modern Family finished the race without a rider after it hit the ground with Cherokee and Stella Miss.

All three horses escaped serious injury. 

As for the riders, four were transported to hospital with James Richards' jockey Josh Adams treated for the worst of it with lower lumbar spinal fractures and a broken leg.

Cherokee's rider Wendy Peel was transferred to a Sydney hospital on Monday after doctors at Tamworth hospital discovered a nasty shoulder fracture that will require surgery.

Horses Galina and Trescha were hampered where the fall occurred and were restrained out of the race.

Boundary Ryder ridden by Vad Bolozhinskyi began awkwardly and Wee Lassie was severely hampered and carried wide around the 900m mark turn. 

Weather conditions on the day were fine with the track in good order.