Horoscopes: week beginning April 14

Horoscopes: week beginning April 14

ARIES: Opportunities exist to broaden your mind through life’s experiences. Travel and education are some of the possibilities. Advertising undertaken during April 13-15 is successful. The finer details of your work will preoccupy you in the three weeks from April 17. You will be busy, so take care that you do not run yourself into the ground.

TAURUS: Loan applications should be successful during April 13-15. Your financial basis is broadened through a number of different avenues. Be careful not to over extend yourself. Your recreational interests may have to take the back seat until May 7 whilst you sort out a few problems. These activities are likely to be disappointing anyway.

GEMINI: Successful new business associations can be forged during April 13-15. A romantic relationship can add a touch of glamour to your life too. Your social activities will expand in the three weeks from April 17 as you include friends and family alike. There are very successful conditions around a parent during this period.

CANCER: Some of you will travel in connection with work shortly, whilst others will seek to improve their position through study. Encouragement is readily available during April 13-15. In small ways, a variety of problems will emerge around your work during the period to May 7. Discussions go a long way towards the resolution of a problem.

LEO: April 13-15 is a perfect time to take off on that holiday or overseas trip. A romantic adventure is in store for many leonine souls then. Others are quite lucky with speculation. You will look at different ways to achieve your smaller goals until May 7. This is a great time to seek professional advice on foreign interests, law, travel, education and financial affairs.

VIRGO: Your partner will help to make your home life rather comfortable during April 13-15. A wealth of happiness fills your heart and home then. The organisation and planning of your financial arrangements form integral components to Virgo’s success in the three weeks from April 17; contact those important people.

LIBRA: There is a successful trip or negotiation around you during April 13-15, initiating trends which will provide highlights over the next couple of weeks. Communications are particularly good with others until May 7, especially on April 30, May 1-4, although there are mixed influences operating then. This can only improve those important personal and business partnerships.

SCORPIO: There are solid financial gains to be made by Scorpio during April 13-15. Romance or children add a touch of joy to your life as well. There is a great demand on your brainpower at work in the three weeks from April 17, when you may have to reach the bottom of a problem. Excellent results await your efforts.

SAGITTARIUS: Happy domestic conditions contribute to your positive frame of mind during April 13-15. Your dreams for the future are also stimulated. Your mind is stimulated with social contact between April 17 and May 7. Some of you will be particularly drawn to one individual with whom there is good communication.

CAPRICORN: There’s likely to be news of a reversal in your personal situation during April 13-15. You have more than reasonable prospects of success. You will really have to be organised in the three weeks from April 17, as there is so much to be done around the home. There will also be contact with distant family members.

AQUARIUS: You will achieve some of your ambitions during April 13-15. New dreams for the future are within reach of attainment, and delightful social activities provide a backdrop to your life. There will be many short journeys in the three weeks from April 17, along with more communications flowing around money matters. Aquarian parents will be actively involved with their children.

PISCES: During April 13-15 you will be feeling fairly optimistic with the direction your life is heading. Prestige and greater freedom will be afforded to you. Until May 7 there will be many plans and ideas that will be quite productive, in financial terms. Some of these will be connected to partnership or property interests.

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