Horoscopes: week beginning March 24

Horoscopes: week beginning March 24

ARIES: The ten days from March 24 is a busy one as Aries comes head to head with a dilemma which first caught their attention around February 19, 20. Matters are more easily handled after March 29. Until April 21 there will be a few problems to be ironed out in your personal life. If you inject a little creativity, you could not only enjoy yourself but also find a peaceable resolution.

TAURUS: March 24-April 3 is an exceptionally busy period for Taureans, as profits are reaped, social gatherings attended, and objectives planned or attained. This period represents a culmination of efforts. Many of your social activities will involve co-workers during the month to April 21. Should any of your friends need assistance you will be there, ready, willing and able to help.

GEMINI: The focus is on a career application, business plan or an important property matter during March 24-April 3, following extensive delays since March 6. Prepare for a busy time. Career moves or developments in business have a greater chance of success in the next month. This is a great time for children, recreational pursuits and romance.

CANCER: The ten days from March 24 is a busy one for many, involving paperwork, legalities or long trips. Cancerians have been dragging their feet over these matters for weeks. Students will really enjoy their studies until April 21, making some excellent friendships along the way. Travellers to foreign shores will find their trips worthwhile.

LEO: A loan or credit application, or news or paperwork associated with a financial matter has been on the back burner since early March. During March 24-April 3 Leo can expect progress. There is likely to be good news concerning your financial affairs during the month to April 21, especially on March 27, 28, April 9-16. This is the time to negotiate loans or refunds.

VIRGO: February 19, 20 raised an issue connected to a partnership, marriage or issue of contention. During March 24-April 3 such issues are better understood as agreements are forged. That special relationship will thrive under Venus’ influence until April 21, with distinctive moments providing wonderful highlights. This is also a good time to make amends.

LIBRA: Investigation into a health matter or work issue will add to Libra's store of knowledge and assist in better management of these issues. This trend is most strongly active during March 24-April 3. Your working atmosphere will be more enjoyable during the month to April 21 as relationships with co-workers are more peaceful. Health conditions improve during this time.

SCORPIO: Scorpio individuals tend to be concerned over one of their offspring or a romance during March 24-April 3. Something has not been right since February 19, 20 and this situation is now clearer. Personal relationships will be much smoother until April 21 as Venus casts her magic influence over your personal affairs. Parents will grow closer to their children during this period.

SAGITTARIUS: There is plenty of activity in and around the home in connection with developments of February 19, 20. Some will now be moving or buying property whilst others will be re-organising their home. Happier influences will infiltrate your home in the month to April 21, easing the burden of life. In all probability, you will also entertain visitors.

CAPRICORN: March 24-April 3 brings plenty of short trips, telephone calls, planning and paperwork, most likely in preparation with something having its beginnings in February 19, 20. During the month to April 21 you will be able to negotiate a better deal on a business or speculative matter. Some of you will purchase some small item for your car or spend money on travel.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians are keenly focused on financial interests during March 24-April 3, especially the planning, budgeting and paperwork side of things. Answers are now at hand. There will be a little extra money in your pocket between March 12 and April 21 and you will be strongly tempted to buy something special. Trends are most active on March 14-16, March 20-27.

PISCES: A domestic, marital, partnership, family or property matter which has been simmering since February 19, 20, reaches a point where things start moving during March 24-April 3.: Life is more enjoyable until April 21, bringing happiness, peace, and love. This is reflected in your daily interactions and activities. Best days are March 27, 28, April 9-16.

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