Bush food garden ready for big planting

A mass planting of native plants for the Cultural Bush Foods and Yarnin Garden is coming up on December 14.
A mass planting of native plants for the Cultural Bush Foods and Yarnin Garden is coming up on December 14.

The Twofold Aboriginal Corporation have their gardening gloves ready to complete the final stage of the recently initiated Cultural Bush Foods and Yarnin Garden.

The Twofold team is excited to position 400 Indigenous plants in the bush food garden at Jigamy Farm in Eden on Friday, December 14.

Last month’s working bee was a success, where the community helped to prepare the site of the bush food garden in time for the big plant-out event.

Project officer Dan Bakker said the plant-out event is the final milestone before looking towards distributing produce to the community.

“[The bush food garden] is a resource and a cultural learn-scape, we are very excited about it,” Mr Bakker said. 

“We are also looking to go into high yield agricultural production, particularly with the murnong and bulbine lily.”

Already planted on site are yams, warrigal greens and mountain pepper, which complement the lilly pilly and native cherries that grow around the property. 

Mr Bakker said each species of native plant that will be welcomed to the garden has been specifically chosen for its cultural importance and contemporary application.

“There will be 64 unique Indigenous bush food plants brought to the garden on Friday, there will be 400 plant units in total,” Mr Bakker said.

Organisers said they are looking forward to see the project transform into a community-based cultural learning and sharing space.

Costa Georgiadis

Costa Georgiadis

“The space is for people within and beyond the Yuin region to celebrate, enhance and apply its rich Indigenous heritage,” Mr Bakker said.

“It is available for school groups, tourists, buses of people off cruise ships. It is also an opportunity for elders both present and emerging to practice cultural education,” Mr Bakker said.

Fogo ambassador Costa Georgiadis of ABC’s Gardening Australia will be joining Twofold’s vice-chair and cultural educator Nathan Lygon, Mr Bakker and a number of key consultants with the big plant-out event.

Local Indigenous high school students and the Twofold community are also bringing their gardening gloves to take part in the plant-out.

Yet to be confirmed, the Bega Valley Shire Council waste and recycling management team are aiming to bring FOGO compost to the event.

“For those who wish to benefit from a free load of FOGO compost, turn-up between 3pm and 5pm. Mr Georgiadis will be there to hand it out for free,” Mr Bakker said. More details to come.