Eden Indigenous dancers experience massive crowd at Dance Rites

Performing in front of a massive crowd on the steps of the Opera House was well outside Duurunu Miru’s comfort zone – but it was definitely “deadly”.

The local Indigenous dancers represented Thaua country at Dance Rites, a huge celebration of First Nations dance and culture.

Duurunu Miru founder Shaquille Aldridge said everyone in the group loved the experience.

“It was crazy – we’ve never done anything like that in our life,” he said.

“Everyone loved it.”

As well as the competition performance, Mr Aldridge said the Duurunu Miru dancers also enjoyed connecting with Indigenous people from right across the country.

“We got to meet a group of Murray Island people and also a Tasmanian mob. We connected with them and I’m already talking with them about organising visits.”

And while clearly exhausted after the weekend’s events, Mr Aldridge said he’s already planning for Dance Rites 2019!