Eden Lookout landscaping not council approved

Eden Lookout
Eden Lookout

The future of landscaping work by a resident at Eden Lookout is up in the air with Bega Valley Shire Council due to inspect the site this week.

The placement of a metal and concrete benches near Eden Marine Rescue over recent weeks has been undertaken ahead of the tourist season, but without council approval.

Council said it had advised the work needs to stop before it is inspected over coming days.

“Council is aware of work that has been voluntarily undertaken by a member of the community in the vicinity of the Eden Lookout,” a council spokesperson said this week.

“While it was well intentioned, council officers have requested that the work cease for the time being, so site inspections can be undertaken and an agreed way forward can be reached.”

One nearby resident claims the work began as gardening, but quickly led to “excavating and filling in with blue metal near the old footings of the old light house”.

The resident said they had met with council on Wednesday, and were told the work would require a Community Project Proposal in order to move ahead.

“Council said the guy meant well, just wanted to make it safe so cars didn't go over,” the resident said.

“I’m glad council are willing to consider a proposal.”

The resident said the area contains the outline of the old light station built in the 1860s, and plants from its original garden.

“It is an undeveloped area, apart from a wooden picnic table, and is a spot well-loved by the local community for its wildness, its beauty, its open space, and its jaw-dropping views,” they said.

“Many relish the fact that it is undeveloped. Any development would need to be sympathetic and well designed.”

The man doing the work was contacted but said he would wait to meet council before commenting.