Learn to sail on Twofold Bay

The Twofold Bay Yacht Club is holding sailing lessons at Quarantine Bay on Tuesday afternoons, 4-6pm, from November 6 through to December 11, and then recommencing after Christmas starting on February 5 through to March 2.

A range of boats are available including several brand new Open Bics  (one person) now sailed by thousands of junior sailors around the world and also brand new X3s (two person ), 3.8m Pacers (three person)  and 3m trimarans suitable for first time and handicapped sailors.

The club is committed to providing a chance for everyone of all abilities to enjoy sailing.

Ages are from 4-90 with approximately 10 places available.

Sailing is a good way to develop further life skills, like teamwork, self-reliance, communication and trust, a great part of a skill set if you intend to travel overseas with many employment opportunities.

Australia rates as one of the best sailing nations in the world and Twofold Bay, right on our doorstep is a unique place to sail and often  used in staging of National and State Championship events.

Contact Ted Dexter on 0414 550 915 or dexter01@activ8.net.au to book or get more details.