Eden potters fire up for Whale Festival

Every year artists and artisans of Eden showcase their creativity as part of the Eden Whale Festival Mixed Art and Craft Exhibition.

 Potters at the Imlay Craft Studio have been eagerly preparing their creations getting ready for the big event. 

The popular studio currently has around 30 members and potters come and go on various days of the week. 

The studio regularly hosts pottery workshops and community classes and well-known potters from across Australia have shared their skills and knowledge in the space. 

 After another busy year of creating ceramic masterpieces, Alex (Ally) Dalton said the group were looking forward to sharing their work with the public. 

“It has been another year full of creativity. At the moment we are keeping busy just putting the finishing touches on.

“Some of us have exhibited before others are first time exhibitors. We are keen to show the public our wares.”

The ceramicists have used diverse techniques to created an eclectic collection of pottery – from traditional pinch pots to  to eccentric sculptures including elegantly crafted totem poles.

Shany Noter said she took inspiration from her garden to create beautifully carved shapes into her totem pole sculpture. 

“I just draw what comes out of my mind. Being a gardener I can weave the intricate patterns and shapes from nature through my work.” 

Ally Dalton is working on his signature whale sculptures and has been busy shaving and smoothing out the large pieces.

“I love the elegance of the whale movement, 40 tonnes of creature moving through water and barely leaving a ripple.”

Seasoned ceramicist Ursula Gilomen has created a collection of mugs and bowls.

 “It’s all about the process, if we enjoy what we do – then the work will speak for itself,” Ms Gilomen said. 

Mark Robert-Lyon said he was “excited” about displaying his work for the first time and hopefully selling a piece or two.

The  Mixed Art and Craft exhibition opens on Friday November 2 at 5.30pm at 179 Imlay Street Eden.