Eden Stars ready to step it up for cancer

Stars of Bega Valley: Eden's  Mia Maze, Clair Mudaliar, Melanie Warren are ready to strut their stuff. Pictures: Rachel Mounsey
Stars of Bega Valley: Eden's Mia Maze, Clair Mudaliar, Melanie Warren are ready to strut their stuff. Pictures: Rachel Mounsey

When Clair Mudaliar received the call from Cancer Council NSW to participate in the Stars of Bega Valley Dance for Cancer she said she couldn’t resist.

“I felt honoured, it is such a good cause,” the Eden businesswoman said.

Although Clair has a strict  “I don’t dance” policy, she said she had been enjoying finding her feet with her swingin rock ‘n’ roll partner Guye Richards.

“Rock and roll is a fun style it’s not rigid, it’s relaxed.” 

Ms Mudaliar said she had been putting in the extra practice at home with her partner “swinging” around the lounge room when the kids are tucked up in bed. 

“I can’t really practice by myself so I got my partner to learn the moves so she can spin and hold and me and do all of the moves the dance partner has to do.” 

Melanie Warren of Eden’s Gas and Gears’ first reaction of being nominated was one of denial. 

Ms Warren compared her dancing style to that of Elaine from the popular American sitcom Seinfield.

“You know I am not a dancer, like Elaine, I have two left feet, and no rhythm.” 

 Ms Warren said she decided to take on the fundraiser as a challenge to get her out of her comfort zone. 

 When asked to give readers a hint of the dance style Ms Warren said, “let’s just say it’s a little bit risque.”  

Newcomer to Eden Mia Maze said she was a mixture of “surprised and grateful” and felt happy to take the on the opportunity in honour of close friends who have passed away from cancer.

“It seems like everybody is touched by cancer,” Ms Maze said.

“I have had friends pass away and supported people close to me through treatment, so it is a cause that is very close to my heart.”  

 As far as dancing goes, Ms Maze said she grew up “preferring the dance floor to the sports arena”. Although it’s been a few years since formally dancing,  she said she was feeling quietly confident.

“I am not expecting to blow the roof off Club Sapphire, I stopped dancing many years ago, but I am feeling confident and it’s great fun and all for a good cause.”

 Alongside Ms Warren, Ms Maze is part of a top secret trio who won’t be revealing their dance style or costume before the gala event. She did say audiences can expect a “little hint of girl band dance routine”. 

The event aims raise $30,000 for Cancer Council’s services in the local community.

Funds raised will help to provide support for people in the Bega Valley community affected by cancer.

Each star has their own Everyday Hero fundraising page where online donations can be made. Donation tins and raffles can also be found around town.

To Donate to your favourite shining Eden star https://www.everydayhero.com.au/event/starsofbegavalley2018/our-stars