Killers whales take two on the run

Striker: Kamilla Grubesic turns on the ball with an empty net, but Tayla Wilson is in place to block her shot on Sunday.
Striker: Kamilla Grubesic turns on the ball with an empty net, but Tayla Wilson is in place to block her shot on Sunday.

The Eden Killer Whales ladies have bagged their second premiership on the trot on Sunday. 

The outfit came from behind to secure a 2-1 win over the Wolumla Tigresses at Merimbula’s Berrambool Oval. 

Midfielder Deb Heron said it was a thrilling game and was happy to get the result after close contests with the Wolumla outfit this season. 

The team had shifted from a four-four-two line-up to a four-three-three layout the last couple of rounds. 

“I don’t know whether we made it harder on ourselves doing that,” she said with a laugh. “But it worked and I think it was the youngsters who stepped up.”

She heaped praise on two of the young guns in the side in Emma Webster and Alyshia Westley, who had strong performances on the day. 

Webster went in at right wing back – a position she hadn’t played all year, while Alyshia joined her sister Talia in the middle alongside Heron. 

“Emma was relentless; she didn’t stop all game and was just in everything,” Heron said. 

“And then Alyshia started in the centre and had a good strong second half, they were the two standouts for me.”

They were among the overall strong performance for the Killer Whales where Kamilla Grubesic featured, kicking the two goals to win the day. 

“It was a massive team effort and obviously our defence of Kim and Jaz in the centre was key.”

Heron said captain Kim Peters led by example and was an extremely resilient player that “would never give up”. 

It was Wolumla who had struck first with a sailing long drive just tipping the fingertips of the Eden keeper. 

“Sam’s goal was brilliant, we knew she would be one to watch, we had our eye on her and Janet in the middle.”

“And Caito is always really strong at the back as well with Tayla covering Kamilla, they certainly put the pressure on us.”

The Killer Whales never dipped despite trailing 1-0 and soon levelled with a hand-ball awarding a dot shot. 

Grubesic took the shot, which the Wolumla keeper had got to but it bounded back into play for the Eden striker to finish. 

And then with about 10 minutes left on the clock it was again Grubesic with a strong left-to-right strike driving the ball home into the net. 

The premiership caps off two undefeated years of play for the Killer Whales with just one draw since the start of the 2017 season. 

Heron thanked Great Southern Inn, Anderson Cranes and Steven Cocks who all threw a bit of support behind the celebrations with plenty of fun and songs to sing on Sunday night. 

The Killer Whales wished luck to the Eden Whalers for their grand final on Saturday where a win would secure three Eden Women’s premierships across the major codes.