NSW healer felt 'raped' over blog post

Universal Medicine founder Serge Isaac Benhayon arrives at the Supreme Court in Sydney. Photo: AAP
Universal Medicine founder Serge Isaac Benhayon arrives at the Supreme Court in Sydney. Photo: AAP

A NSW spiritual healer who promotes "the science" of reincarnation says he felt raped when he saw an ex-client's blog alleged to portray him as the leader of a socially harmful cult.

Serge Isaac Benhayon on Wednesday said "the level of intrusion went to another level" and Esther Mary Rockett "crossed every line" when she published the lengthy post in November 2014.

"You feel raped. You feel that you've been stripped," Mr Benhayon testified in a Sydney courtroom, which he claimed was occupied by discarnate spirits.

The 54-year-old former tennis coach is suing Ms Rockett for defamation in the NSW Supreme Court over the blog post, two comments she made below the blog and 17 tweets.

His barrister previously told the four jurors that the blog contained defamatory meanings including that Mr Benhayon was the leader of a socially harmful cult, a sexual predator, had indecently touched her in the treatment room, preys on cancer patients and is delusional.

Keiran Smark SC referred to quotes including: "my claim that Benhayon is a sexual predator is not false"; that her experience began with "a sleazy ovarian reading" and asking how many young girls had stayed in his household.

Ms Rockett, a former acupuncturist is fighting the case - relying on the defences of truth and honest opinion.

Mr Benhayon on Wednesday said the allegations in his ex-client's blog post were definitely not true.

He said he was taking Ms Rockett to court to protect his reputation and because he strongly believed in having a fair and decent society.

The spiritual healer founded Universal Medicine in northern NSW and was a teacher, practitioner and owner of a business which ran seminars, healing courses and retreats, the jury has heard.

Under cross-examination by Tom Molomby SC, Mr Benhayon said there were discarnate spirits in the courtroom.

"There were some that were present when I walked in and particularly when you walked in," he said.

However, he refused the barrister's repeated requests for him to count the spirits, saying he could not break the rule of his soul.

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