Web Words, July 12

Medicare Taskforce in Bega, Merimbula

$135 out of pocket yesterday, after seeing a visiting specialist. I wonder how really low income-but-not-qualifying-for-a pension-card-etc people cope!

Isabel Robinson 

They generally avoid going to doctors and probably die earlier than they would have if they had better health care.

Eden Dietrich 

Saves on paying pensions later then, hey… or am I being too cynical? The situation calls for it.

Isabel Robinson 

‘Ban imported raw prawns’

Biosecurity is not a joke, foreign prawns should be banned.

Fiona Campbell 

Of course they should be banned, especially from Asia, we live on an island, there are prawns all around us.

Giancarlo Cipolla 

Despite the question behind toxicity, freshness and contamination we should certainly be mindful of who's suffering and being exploited through the production and trade of "cheap, tasteless" imports. Australian owned and grown is how it should be - for everything. Not just prawns.

Tamsin Webber 

Absolutely. Ban them plus that cheap imported basa. Awful stuff.

Gail Ward 

I only ever buy Australian fish and prawns. Will buy other fish from NZ but no-where else. Would rather go without!

Lyn Webber 

I wouldn't buy NZ fish or vegetables. They import from China, process, then call them produce of NZ.

Peter McKill 

Yep don’t eat them have you seen the conditions they’re farmed in wouldn’t eat the basa either.

Rob Young 

Absolutely! We’ve all been singing Girt by Sea for so long - there has got to be some benefit! Put some real fisherman in the DPI and we could even get some workable fishing quotas!

Kari Esplin 

Stop people buying their bait from supermarkets.

Ian Trotter