Eden Web Words, June 14

Whales off east coast

There were quite a few putting on a show off Green Cape on Saturday and a large pod inside Disaster!

Brett Thirkell

Saw one going past Tathra yesterday afternoon! Spied from the deck of the Tathra pub whilst enjoying a cold one! Did a few breaches!

Clair Mudaliar

Saw a mother and calf a few weeks ago in Twofold Bay.

Deborah Hunter

Developer’s plans for Hotel Australasia

How much was it sold for and how much did council spend before selling it? A council asset in a town set to boom has gone to private ownership. We need the financial information. Keep in mind too that those saying what is best for Eden had no problem at all with council's neglect of the building.

Amanda Midlam

What marina? Can we please name who is actually developing the marina, or is it just the usual hopeful pipe dream that Eden attracts!

Fiona Campbell

Sounds like game on, let’s see if this council have got their A team on the job. It’s been such a waste and shame that the Australasia has been sitting unused and fought over for so long. Good luck Eden.

Jeanette Obri

I take umbrage at Cr Bain's remark that “It’s a psychological thing for Eden to be able to move on from Hotel Australasia – it’s people thinking either it’s in the past, let’s move on, or it’s in the past, let’s keep it as is."  This completely disrespects the practical endeavours of Eden's Australasia Inc to try to restore historic features of value while seeking to have the building repurposed, in order to pay homage to the the building's significant past while providing future employment in the town. It's an outright insult to a number of dedicated townsfolk, both those active in the Eden's Australasia Inc and those who agitated in all weather every Saturday until the previous council realised that part of its mission statement is to preserve historical sites, something Cr Bain seems to overlook.

Isabel Robinson