Enough Is Enough rally aims to form alliance on social, environmental issues

A mega rally on a wide range of social and environmental issues is being organised in Bega. 

“With this rally we are focusing on a positive vision for the future, with a more shared equal community structure rather than a top down, one per cent growing style,” one of the organisers for Enough Is Enough rally Jamie Shaw said. 

At the peaceful and non-violent action there will be speakers on topics that include justice for Indigenous Australians, global warming, protecting workers’ rights and wages, refugees, the environment and forests, social housing, as well as funding for health, education and social services. 

There will also be live music, information stalls and an action tent where people can learn what they can do to enact change on their own. 

Mr Shaw said part of the rally’s aim was to form an alliance of organisations and individuals from the Far South Coast in areas from social justice to the environment to create a powerful lobbying group. 

“I think people are fed up, in one way or another,” he said.

“Trickle-down economics is failing. The one per centers are getting more wealthy.  

“Liberal, Labor or Green voters, they are fed up with seeing services suffering, and they are fed up with being treated like second class citizens.

“The aim is to unite all these people under one banner, rather than fighting it out on one issue or another.” 

An Enough Is Enough Community Declaration will be available to sign on the day which sums up the event’s intent and partly reads:

“We the undersigned resident of the Far South Coast want our future to be collective and cooperative. We share a vision where inclusive communities, based on principles of equality, are empowered, and are at the heart of decision-making, where resources and services are owned and shared equally for the common good. We desire a future where our precious environment and natural resources are given their true value.”

The rally is from 11am on June 2 at Littleton Gardens, Bega. Bring your own banners, placards and picnic. 

A shot of the crowd at the Bega Valley Climate Action Festival in 2015.

A shot of the crowd at the Bega Valley Climate Action Festival in 2015.

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