Eden Web Words, May 17

Barclay St sportsground upgrade proposal

I started playing footy in Eden in the late ‘70s and they have not changed since.

Nfi FishingClub 

I think most locals would be happy if it was brought up to the standard of facilities in other nearby towns. Fingers crossed the grant app goes ahead.

Drew Mudaliar 

Oh yes! Would love to see a new or much upgraded clubhouse for our many keen sports kids and adults.

Cheryl Cohen 

Need a grandstand named after the show pony, Peter Kelly, I remember this tough footballer who represented the tiger spirit.

Glenn Miller 

New doc for Mallcoota

Lucky our government stepped in to help us out, otherwise no doctor for here. I would like to say can’t wait to meet him, but lol. 

Jeanette Obri 

Bundian Way support

The potential for this walk should never be underestimated with both Sapphire Coast and the Monaro benefiting big time. It needs massive funding and if given, Bundian could be one of the walks of the world just like the Camino Pilgrimage and Milford.

Fiona Campbell 

Mother’s Day advice

Best advice: “Family is more important than anything else, especially money”.

Chantelle Smith 

Illawarra ‘house of horrors’

The magistrate, I think, also realised that sometimes neglect like this won't be solved by punishing the perpetrator, especially through unrealistic fines or gaol. The mother seems to have problems that help a.k.a. guidance might resolve.

Isabel Robinson 

Very sad. Mental health issues are very common in these cases. She obviously couldn't cope. Periods of homelessness when young can be very damaging.

Eden Dietrich