Eden Magnet Letters to the Editor, February 15

Eden Cash Mob participants descend en masse to Eden Under the Covers during the weekend's event. Read more in Chit Chat.
Eden Cash Mob participants descend en masse to Eden Under the Covers during the weekend's event. Read more in Chit Chat.

Anti-Eden council?

What is it with Bega Valley Shire Council and development in Eden? It seems any proposal that would enhance development in Eden gets thwarted by council bureaucracy.

Now I have absolutely no vested interest in either the proposed marina, nor the Hotel Australasia projects. My interest is purely in seeing Eden progress.

The last proposal that was put up for the development of the Australasia, as detailed in The Magnet, seemed like just what Eden needed, so why was it knocked back?

As for the ]marina, this has been on going for so long, it has become quite boring to read all the to and fro.

I sometimes think that those who are elected to council forget that they are done so to serve the needs of the community and not to satisfy their own ideals. So how about caring more for what Eden needs and, if needed, compromise with those who actually want to do something for this town.

This may hurt some egos but we may also actually get something done.

Charles Koltai, Eden

Footing fluoride bill

Firstly let me say I am completely anti fluoridation of our water supplies. 

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned in this debate is who is going to foot the bill for the fluoridation plant or plants (if you have more than one water supply) and the ongoing running costs?

A 2006 NSW Department of Health report said for population over 10,000, at least $500,000 for each plant.

We are now in 2018 so this would have gone up exponentially. If it involves more than one water supply the costs escalate.

Running costs including training of staff, chemicals, repairs ,maintenance, labor costs  and so on – it could be anything.

At the time of this report the state government was paying a subsidy, but I am not sure if this is still the case. Even it is, the capital costs are capped and they don’t subsidise running costs. 

Either ratepayers or water ratepayers are going to foot the bill one way or another. If it comes out of rates is it fair that the majority on tank water have to pay also?

There are bigger priorities for rates money to go on.

Rural areas in this day and age including Bega have a big problem with drugs, particularly Ice. Why? Because we are a huge area with a very small police force.

We need community facilities including rehab to work with people who have this problem.

We need community mental health facilities for those in our community who are challenged.

We need community youth centres to get those kids who are anti-social or taking drugs off the streets.

We need a centre to help grandparents and carers who through circumstances have care of children.

There are many other things Bega needs before we spend all that money on fluoridation. My advice, if you want fluoride buy toothpaste or go to the dentist.

Frank Pearce, Bega 

Speed limits

Newspapers around the state are increasingly commenting on car and truck accidents.

You only need to drive the 4km from the Merimbula Bridge to the Sapphire Aquatic Centre at Pambula and find the following speed limits: 50kmh to 90kmh to 70kmh to 50kmh to 60kmh to 80kmh.

Many of us are awaiting reports of a major accident happening at the entrance to the airport, where for some strange reason (with 50kmh on one side and 70kmh on the other side, the short stretch past the terminal is 90kmh!

And arriving passengers, some of whom are not locals, will bear the brunt of this most intelligent policing by either the local council or the state government body responsible! 

John Verhelst, Merimbula