Eden Web Words, January 11

Call for tougher penalties on driver phone use

Make all drivers caught breaking the law go back to driver school and have to go for licence again from scratch.

Ian Trotter 

Instant double demerit points and a trip the local ICU to see the results of some of the accidents caused by these dangerous drivers.

Marg Lavery

Police research and long term studies clearly show that increasing the penalty doesn’t prevent crime. That’s because the ‘crims’ don’t think they will get caught, therefore the penalty isn’t a concern to them. What is a far more effective crime preventative measure is to increase the chance of getting caught, by putting more police on the roads.

Bob Kebby 

The rule is eyes on road all the time.

Angelika Pfeiffer 

Eden to Edrom swim

Well done. Maybe this could start a shore to shore yearly swim.

Jeanette Obri 

A fantastic swim, but ever since I read about this, all I could think of was, sharks.

Roslyn Heather Davidson 

Wow, now that is brave!

Alison Murphy 

Whenever it was calm across the bay, my mum (Tugboat Annie) used to say it was a "swim to Edrom day" but I don't know anyone who actually did it.

Jenny Drenkhahn 

How awesome is this. Congratulations to the swimmers, huge effort and awesome way to end the year!

Megan Adams

Cancer meds for PBS

I can only say that's absolutely wonderful for sufferers and their loved ones to have that extra burden taken off them.

Jennifer Mckenna 

All I can say is how do they get to that ridiculous price in the first place. Big pharma taking advantage of the sick.

Adele Chom