Eden Magnet Letters to the Editor, December 7

It was a big V for volunteers when the catering staff at Bega Valley Meals on Wheels cooked a Christmas lunch for their many volunteers on International Volunteers Day.
It was a big V for volunteers when the catering staff at Bega Valley Meals on Wheels cooked a Christmas lunch for their many volunteers on International Volunteers Day.

Not good enough

The people of Eden are about to be the receivers of a sub-standard attenuator for the harbour at Snug Cove.  A design has been advertised by the NSW Government to attract expressions of interest from relevant marine builders. This is good, but unfortunately the design  put forward ignores the stated needs of the people of Eden who attended public meetings and voted unanimously for a safe harbour wall with a marina facility to be built behind it.  

The suggested design in the 'Expression of Interest' document leaves very little space for any commercially viable  marina to fit in behind it.  With tugs and larger fishing vessels needing to leave from the north western end of the harbour the wall at that end has been left perilously short leaving very little protection from the south to south-westerly wave action.

This can be done so much more effectively, but it will now need a very loud voice from the people of Eden to have the design reviewed and corrected.  Eden is in a unique position to be a “must stop” port for all coastal travellers. We can not settle for second best.  

A trip up the east coast of Australia highlights the impact of a viable marina to any coastal town.  Those towns boasting a marina clearly demonstrate the enormous economic benefits.  These towns are busy, they are growing, services improve and young people have greater opportunities.  It is essential not to let this opportunity for Eden slip from our grasp.

The proposed attenuator is on display at the Eden Library.  Have a look.  Make your voice heard. There is $10million  being spent. Let’s all make the effort to make sure it is spent to the benefit of everyone in Eden.

Robin Arthur, Eden

Concerning suggestion

I am extremely concerned after reading the article  in the Eden Magnet “Cleaning up the east coast”.

These people have disrespected the Eden community in saying that the families of their deceased loved ones replace plastic flowers with a nice small decorative shrub.

This suggestion is not possible as the majority of graves including the lawn section of the cemetery is not suitable for small shrubs. In fact the majority of flowers are not plastic. The wind does blow some flowers away, but many locals who visit the area while walking pick up and put the flowers back on the graves.

The Eden cemetery is the most well kept cemetery in the Bega Valley Shire. The  cemetery not only has the local families visit their loved ones’ graves, it also attracts many visitors. We who put fresh or silk flowers on graves do this as our way of bringing some peace into our grieving hearts.

Shirley McKenna-Rixon, Merimbula

Effluent answer

I am currently very impressed with a proposal to build an offshore extension to the Pambula Beach sewage effluent outlet. 

This proposal follows the Sydney model where effluent is piped some kilometers offshore. But then where does it go? With the prevailing southerly current it goes straight to Wollongong and areas near by.

So where will our new pipe send our effluent? Obviously straight to Eden. How will the residents of Eden react to Twofold Bay regularly turning red? After all they put up with that stinking fish factory for decades. Still I don’t think they will be happy.

This means having to extend the pipe further out so the effluent misses Eden. Then where does it go? You guessed it, Tasmania. Tasmania already has a complex about mainlanders picking on them and I think they deserve a break.

My suggestion is that we take the pipe out to New Zealand – given the level of rates in our shire the cost won’t be a problem at all. Most importantly it will exact some revenge for all the floggings the All Blacks have given our boys over the years and the fact the N. Zedders are getting NBN fibre to the house.

Dennis Watson, Pambula Beach 


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