Love of literature excites kids for Book Week 2017 | PHOTOS

Dennie Quintal might have one of the most rewarding jobs on the South Coast.

As book manager at Collins Booksellers Merimbula, Ms Quintal had the pleasure of visiting Eden, Wyndham, Pambula and Merimbula public schools as part of the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book Week celebrations.

Collins supplied books for parents and families to buy, with 10 per cent of sales being donated back to the respective school’s library.

“I’m really pleased with the support parents and families are showing their kids,” Ms Quintal said.

She observed students reaching for books they were interested in, instead of reading those forced upon them.

“The students make some fascinating choices,” Ms Quintal said.

“They tend to pick things that parents might think are too hard for them, but they have the confidence to have a go.

“The love the funny stuff, as well as books that teach you how use things.”

One of the post popular books was a user guide to fidget spinners, the latest craze in primary and secondary schools across Australia.

“Pokémon has also been popular. Students connect the dots to what’s popular in their media life, be it Pokémon or fidget spinners,” Ms Quintal said.

Another popular purchase was Andy Griffith’s 91-Storey Treehouse.

Ms Quintal said the Australian author’s latest book had renewed interest in his earlier products.

She added parents should not be too pedantic when it comes to what their children read.

“A large degree of kids in the modern world are led to believe that reading is a thing you have to do,” Ms Quintal said.

“Reading is fun. There is the right book for every child, so let them choose the book.

”Don’t force the issue. So long as it’s not a choir they’ll find their own feet.”

Collins Merimbula is continuing its Shop for Your School initiative until August 31, where 10 per cent of the total amount of the collected receipts go to each selected school’s library.