OPINION: Best of the web, July 6

Penalty rates 

If penalty rates cuts are applied to other industries such as nursing, (which they inevitably will be) an industry already decimated in its inability to hire enough staff, health care will be in chaos. Aged care workers can barely survive on the pittance they are paid now, let alone if Saturday and Sunday penalty rates are cut, those jobs will become untenable. We will all suffer, there is no up side to penalty rate cuts.

Tania Severs 

There will be far more jobs created as businesses can afford to open on Sundays and put full staff on. You should start to see the towns go from being ghost towns on a Sunday to being just as busy as the rest of the week.

Jason Lewington

And they wonder why so many prefer the dole to working. This makes it worse

Debbie Chisholm 

Cattle Bay impasse

Why does the Magnet give any credibility at all to the Cattle Bay developer? For 17 years they have done nothing except cost ratepayers money, locking the community out of our foreshore, and allowing the wharf to fall into disrepair. What kind of business model are they proposing when without a government handout of less than 8 per cent of the total cost of this private development the project is non-viable?

Deborah Hunter

If these people were serious they'd have had their land developments completed by now, and have kept the wharf in better condition. They might've had a better chance at getting support for their marina underway then.

​Isabel Robinson 

If you want to build..do so. But do not expect me to fund any of it through my rates. If you do I will expect a good return i.e a percentage of the profits.

Jane Adam 

It just seems that no matter what project people want to build in Eden, it doesn’t just happen! There is always a fight for anything that would be good for Eden! Can’t we for once just get something and have it happily happen instead of all the damn arguing and waste of taxpayers money!

Kim Herfoss-Hyland 


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