OPINION: Best of the web, June 14

Queen’s Birthday honour for John Steele

Congratulations John. We will have the red carpet out for your arrival.

Kathy O'Dell

Congratulations John, well done.

Steven Judd

Congratulations Jezza!

Andrew Steele

Truck driver nabbed for drug reading

Like all drug testing this doesn't prove that he was under the influence just that it was in his system unlike alcohol which has a level.

Mark Griffin 

How many cars did they test and recieve positive readings for?

Kylie Mclaren

Take away truck licence...never to be returned. Loss of all licence for at least 2 yrs. Community service in TAC home for invalids. Big fine too. And rehab.

Leanne Phillips

Jail if drug driving car or truck.

Paul Lewis 

Cr Robyn Bain apolgises

“The investigator found I had a non-pecuniary interest and for that I apologise.” The investigator found it - and so she's apologising because the investigator found it? Have I misunderstood the nuances of how the apology has been phrased? It seems to me that a number of the councillors need to be more circumspect about how they speak in the public arena - including the council chambers.

Isabel Robinson

Pambula’s new millionaire

Local and a pensioner, you cant get better than that. Unless it was me or someone I knew that won.

Kim Young

That's awesome, congratulations

Samantha Godfrey

Foreign demand boosts forestry

This is now and always has been a brilliant industry providing vital products, great jobs and sustainable. Grown by the sun and soil.

Robyn Bain