Cobargo Pony Club riders star at NSW Pony Club state championships

Cobargo Pony Club riders Zali and Alena Duncan and Jazmyn Edwards went to the Pony Club Association NSW State Sporting Championships with the hope of winning a ribbon.

They walked away from Gravesend draped in them.

The trio were the only representatives from Zone 14, which extends from Milton to Eden, and exceeded their own expectations when the competed two weeks ago.

Zali,10, stormed the under 11 category to win three individual events and the overall state-age championship, as well as finishing with the most points for NSW across all ages.

Sister Alena, 7, also competed in the under 11 category, recording a third in the keyhole event among other strong finishes.

Jazmyn, 13, competed in the 13 to 15 years category and picked up two ribbons for her strong eighth in the keyhole and bending events before finishing 18th overall in her age group.

Zone 14 treasurer Angie Duncan said all three girls performed incredibly well.

“It’s one of the best results for our zone,” she said.

“I don’t know how many (from Zone 14) have won a NSW age championship before.”

It was the second time the Duncan sisters had competed at the championships, but that did not alleviate the nerves.

“They were all on a very big high once when we left,” Ms Duncan said.

“To get a state ribbon is a big deal.

“You go there expecting nothing and you don’t even expect to win a ribbon, so for all three to win a couple of them is really good.”

The event hosted 151 riders from across NSW and Queensland.

The Cobargo riders will now set their sights on the club’s Gymkhana in May.


Zali Duncan

  • Bending – 1st
  • Bonfield bounce – 1st
  • Barrel race – 1st
  • Keyhole – 2nd
  • Flags – 3rd
  • Diamond flags – 9th

Alena Duncan

  • Keyhole – 3rd
  • Barrel race – 4th
  • Bonfield bounce – 4th
  • Bending 9th

Jazmyn Edwards

  • Keyhole – 8th
  • Bending – 8th