OPINION: Best of the web, April 20

Wayne Longford’s wedge given hospital all-clear

Terrific, good to see some lateral thinking. Scarce commodity in the public service. There's nothing like a good wedgie.

Peter McKill 


Dale McCoy

Gotta love the man.

Shane Best

Hahaha go Wayno.

Rylee Steel 

More should be done for easier access.

Mary McMahon

With all that money auto doors should be on every external door. Since they clearly come same time, same parking spot, every time, maybe someone (security even) could be there to open the door. 

One thing about hospitals in the city I noticed are the volunteers at the entrances ready to help you with your flowers/balloons or with directions etc. Maybe we could set up something like that?

Chantelle Smith

Good to see sense prevailed after the media wedgie was given.

Isabel Robinson 

Goodonya Wayne!

Con Zurcas 

Wayne for Chief Negotiator with Management and Medical Staff.

Elaine Cozens

A small victory , but much more needs to be fixed.

Linda Hayward

Funding boost for Eden’s youth services

Fantastic news for Eden

Ruth Ayling

Yay something finally for the kids.

Kim Bell Emmerson

Albanese visits wharf, talks up Eden investment

Pretty sure they were thrown out of government before any money was handed over.

Brian Knox

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