Harmony Day 2017 celebrated in Eden

People from all nationalities and walks of life gathered in the grounds of the Uniting Church in Eden on Tuesday to celebrate 2017 Harmony Day.

Aboriginal Elder Uncle Ossie Cruise said the message on racism was clear: “If you’re a racist, you’re the one who’s missing out.”  

Uncle Ossie said there were great examples of 'harmony' taking place in Eden.

The indigenous community was working in harmony with two Rotary clubs, the Social Justice Advocates and Bega Cheese to establish the long-held dream of a Youth Camp at Jigamy, to protect young people from the ice epidemic and suicide, he said.

He reflected on his history saying his father had been raised by Chinese and his son-in-law was Maori.

A community barbecue was held, with visitors tucking into an array of international inspired dishes, while Uncle Ossie entertained guests by playing 'I am Australian' on a gum leaf.

March 21 is also the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.