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PORTRAIT: Bega Valley Regional Gallery will play host to the 2016 Archibald Prize on March 24, one of only six galleries outside of Sydney to host the touring exhibition.

PORTRAIT: Bega Valley Regional Gallery will play host to the 2016 Archibald Prize on March 24, one of only six galleries outside of Sydney to host the touring exhibition.

Lake Curalo not clean

In reply to previous articles saying Eden’s Lake Curalo’s powerful stench was natural and its waters being clean, in my humble opinion and that of many others here who’ve been frequenting the lake since the 1960s, it is not clean at all, and in fact believe that expounding its ‘cleanliness’ is even potentially dangerous.

After Lake Curalo’s near 12-month closure.

After admitting our sewage was running with our stormwater into our lake and on to our beaches. Our sewage from Government Rd to the wharf, because our pumps weren’t strong enough, for decades.

After having two timber mills, three caravan parks, three housing divisions, an industrial estate, three creeks, (two of them putrid) and even an abattoir, drain into her. 

After a “Poonami” last year that displaced and disgusted a lot of Eden’s old and infirm not to mention staff and cleaners. 

After spending some $2million last year on the culprit drainage and upgrading our pumps etc.

After five others and I were informed at the casual meeting by the authorities late last year that one of the pumps in the downpour still wasn’t working properly.

After her even being closed to the sea most of the time since.

After all that and more we’re told it’s natural to have a putrid lake.

Blind Freddy could see the poisons in her. In my opinion all those saying her waters are clean either need to go do some legwork along her NW shores and behind the high school at low tide, full or new moon.

Publicly claiming Lake Curalo is clean, I believe is putting others at risk. I wouldn’t even dare those who do to frolic in parts of her.

She should be a drawcard, especially with international cruise shippers annually arriving. A place for safe aquatic activities and even employment in her upkeep and beautification.

Yet like the historic Australasia building, it also stands as testimony to the neglect and indifference of those who have the power to address our Eden’s many issues, but fail to.

Brett Ralph, Eden

Fluoride abhorrent

I am abhorred by the prospect of having our water supply in the southern region of Bega Shire tainted by the introduction of the chemical fluoride.

Why should council have the right to medicate us unnecessarily with a neuro-toxin with the capacity to impair the nerves of the body and brain, be absorbed by bones with negative consequences? We are not compelled to ingest non-organic food with its array of toxic chemicals.

But choice is more limited when the entire water supply is contaminated and of course, the more water you drink with fluoride in it, the more poison is ingested.

A lot of ignorance and naivety was attached to pre and post-WW2 decisions to get on the fluoride bandwagon, where most people merely went along with public policy, assuming that it was beneficial, just as I once did. 

A plethora of scientific research has identified a multitude of negative effects of fluoridation. Denmark, one of Europe’s most progressive states, has the lowest decay rates in the developed world, yet their water supplies have never been fluoridated. A total of 98 per cent of Europe and most countries in the world do not apply fluoridation because it’s been found to be unnecessary and because of the negative effects.

Significantly, the World Health Organisation’s data have indicated a similar decline in tooth decay from 1970 among 12-15 year olds in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated countries.

Only four per cent of the world’s countries subject their citizens to fluoridation, with many having rescinded such a policy.

Bega Valley Shire Council has no need and no ethical right to impose fluoride upon its residents!

Greg Ferguson, Pambula Beach


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