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Popular ‘Chops’ takes out Eden fishing tournament 

I have known Chops for so long and it’s the best news I've heard all year that he won the boat! What a great winner!

Kari Esplin 

As acting president of the Eden Amateur Fishing Club I was not prepared for the reaction I received when I rang our Chops to notify him of his win. A well-known character around town I think the photo says it all of how excited he was. We thank all our sponsors near and far for the support they have given to our 2017 competition for without them it just would not happen. Thank you to two of our major sponsors, Fraser Marine and Sapphire Marine & Automotive, plus all the other sponsors that have supported our club. 

Eddy Evans, acting president EAFC

Congratulations from an old Bareena Bowls Club team mate.

​Barry Fox 

NAPLAN results released

Waste of time. One more thing that distracts teachers from teaching

Jo Norks

Pointless, except as a means for another politically motivated attack on teachers. It detracts from both the pleasure of teaching and of learning.

Isabel Robinson 

I know a lot of parents say that the NAPLAN is a waste of time but I as one parent say that it is interesting to gauge your child's progress from the different year levels. Every time my child has a NAPLAN test I can look back on previous years to see how far they have come and what they are progressing at/or not progressing. I believe a lot of parents put way too much pressure on them to succeed but in my case I'm just glad they are having a go and doing their best.

Rachel Bryant 

Too fat too sick too soon

It's 90 per cent take-away shops’ fault. You go out and buy something, costs you a fair bit so you want to eat it all to make your money's worth then you feel so sick. It's ridiculous the amount of food they put on your plate these days. Halve the food and halve the price.

Stacey Black