Seniors Week: All fun and games at Jigamy Farm

There was lots of laughter and lighthearted teasing at the fierce competition that was the Twofold Aboriginal Corporation’s Seniors Week games day at Jigamy Farm on Thursday, March 9. 

Students from Eden Marine High School helped to run a variety of games that tested the seniors’ fine motor skills, accuracy and power. 

The competition was fierce as the young at heart competed to for a place on the podium. 

However, the atmosphere remained friendly as organisers and participants joked with each other and the teenagers making for a fun and energetic day. 

One of the event organisers, Alison Simpson, a program manager at Twofold Aboriginal Corporation, said she was over-the-moon with how the day turned out. 

“We wanted to organise something for Seniors Week but we wanted it to be culturally inclusive for the entire community,” Ms Simpson said. 

“Everyone has a bit of a competitive streak and just because you’re getting a bit older doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and enjoy some friendly competition.”

Ms Simpson said she was excited for an opportunity to welcome the entire community to Jigamy Farm to show them the beautiful space. 

“This was all about getting people together and bridging the gap, we want a complete community not just them and us. Everyone was mingling and it was a chance for people to get to know people they may never have met before.”

One of the participants and fierce competitor Ossie Stewart said he was glad that local kids were involved. 

“I think this is a really good thing. It’s a good activity for all people and it was nice to see the kids out here.”