Eden police operation at home siege | Photos, Video

Armed police officers attend a home as part of a siege operation in Eden.
Armed police officers attend a home as part of a siege operation in Eden.

UPDATE 4.50pm: After almost four hours, the Eden siege has ended peacefully with the man brought out of the house accompanied by a number of police officers including those in flak jackets and helmets.

The man has been helped into an ambulance and is about to be driven away.

It’s a peaceful resolution to something that threatened to be a potentially dangerous situation for local residents.

UPDATE, 4pm: Police negotiators have entered the premises, while heavily armed and protected officers remain in the vicinity.

Around 10 police vehicles, Fire and Rescue and multiple ambulances are now on scene.

All roads near the home including the highway, are now blocked to traffic.

BREAKING, 2.45pm: There is a quiet tension in Flinders St, Eden, as police prepare to deal with a siege at a house on the corner of Flinders and Mitchell St.

Armed officers have just donned flak jackets and are believed to be preparing for the worst.

A man had barricaded himself inside with his parents, but both parents have now emerged safely.

The man, who lives with his parents, is believed to be in his late 40s-early 50s.

The family moved into the house about a year ago and the man is thought to have mental health issues according to local residents.

Ambulance officers are now with the mother, who has just been brought out of the house, but the heavily armed police presence remains.

The street has numerous police and other emergency service vehicles and there are also officers wearing camouflage in attendance.

However, a police spokesperson said they wouldn’t be commenting officially until the situation was resolved, other than to say a police operation was underway and had been since around midday Thursday, January 7.

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