PAMBULA MOTORFEST 2014: Rev heads, chrome, sun, fun and record crowds| PHOTOS, PICTURES

Pambula Motorfest 2014 was a stunning success on Sunday afternoon, attracting record crowd numbers and entries, with chrome glistening under endless sunshine. 

Motorfest committee member, Brett Hansford, was thrilled with the turnout.

“We expected more than last year but this is unbelievable,” he said mid-afternoon.

“Last year we had about 6000 people through the gate. This year it’s definitely more than that.

“We had over 300 entrants, once again more than last year, with a fantastic range of cars, the diversity on the ovals is sensational.

“I reckon there would be over 7000 people here.”

With the last scheduled Motorfest cancelled due to shocking weather, the sun gods finally shone down for the chrome-at-heart.

“It took us a year and a half, but we got the weather right on the day!” Brett Hansford said.

Fellow Motorfest organiser Scott Whatman, was all smiles.

He had been flat out all week with last minute preparations. 

“It’s fantastic; I’m over the moon with how it’s turned out,” Scott said.

Scott is a Holden man and the proud owner of an HK Monaro and an old Torana, which he brought along for others to enjoy.

Entrants in the event came from all over.

Vince from Canberra with his 1967 HR ute was a first time visitor to Motorfest. He did all the work on his fully customised HR.

"I was hoping for a great day weather-wise, and this makes it all worth while," he said, standing proudly in front of his custom HR ute.

Nathan Trowbridge of Sinister Art Airbrushing from Wolumla, was happy to pose for a photo sitting on a custom paint job on a motorbike. 

“This one was a bit of a promotional bike," 

How much would a similar paint job set you back? About  $6-$7 thousand according to Nathan.

From custom paint to retro touring, Tom and Jackie Kelly from Canberra with their retro camper entertained no end of visitors to their immaculately restored,  1986 campervan.

“It’s done 300,000 k’s or so – its well-used," the Scottish immigrants said.

“It’s pretty famous because during the Canberra fires, the campervan was captured by TV going down the street with the roof alight,” Tom said. 

“We call it all kinds of thing: The Tardis, Mr Whippy man – we love having people come in and look at it. At the last show we had 495 people through it. “

Kevin Nolan flashed up his 1000hp tractor puller for the Magnet.

The self-confessed “big kid at heart” has read all the Harry Potter books, hence the paint job featuring Professor Dumbledore and Harry Potter on the tractor puller.

"I read all the Harry Potter books and just loved them. I’m a big kid at heart and the kids love it too," Kevin said.

"You meet a lot of people at shows like this; like-minded with different thoughts. It’s interesting,"he said.

''Interesting' was an understatement when it came to describing the number of tales being told at Pambula Motorfest 2014.

Every vehicle, whether truck, hot rod, car, tractor or motorbike or engine, came with at east one fascinating story.

It was a festival of show and shine and show and tell.

The winners in all categories will be published online later today.