A high priestess, super moon, bonfire and Stone Henge? Must be the Wonboyn fire brigade fund raiser!

Wonboyn Lake Fire Brigade held a fundraiser with a difference recently.

Under the super moon on August 9, they danced around a bonfire dressed as druids and high priestesses, enjoyed Gluhwein and feasted on local oysters, fish, camp oven meats and homemade baguettes.

To follow in the theme they were asked to solve the runic clues to find the ‘Nectar of the Gods.' 

With the ceremonial lighting of the bonfires, 'pagan' party-goers completed a Good Intentions Parchment which they threw into the flames in the hope that those good intentions would be realised in the coming year.

Fun aside, funds from the evening and the raffle will be used to purchase much needed equipment for the Fire Brigade. 

A good night was reportedly had by all and the Fire Brigade is set to repeat the performance next year.