Animal dentistry saves the day: PHOTOS

Dr Justin Daniel from the Eden and Pambula Veterinary Clinics has been saving animal lives with some nifty dental work this month.

The patients were Tania the wombat and Nemo the horse.

Tania the wombat was losing weight and having trouble eating when Dr Daniel came to her rescue.

“Looking at Tania’s teeth under anaesthetic revealed that her bottom teeth were misshapen to the point that they curled over the top of her tongue, preventing her tongue from pushing food around her mouth,” Dr Daniel said. 

“Her top cheek teeth had developed very sharp points in an identical pattern to a problem horse mouth. 

“These points were cutting into her gums.”

The vet ground Tania’s teeth back and she is now on the road to recovery.

“We’re pleased to report Tania is now eating well and steadily gaining weight after the excess and painful points were removed.”

Nemo the stock horse wasn’t in such dire straits as Tania, but when you think about it, a horse performs thousands of chews per day, grinding away at grasses and grains and that can lead to trouble.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a horse dental check-up can be as important as keeping them wormed.

The Pambula Vet Clinic recently donated a dental exam, and a bag of carrots, as part of Dental Month for Pets, to Nemo the stock horse owned by Jess Crocker of South Pambula.

If Nemo looks familiar that’s because he often heads up Eden’s Anzac Day march, as a tribute to the soldiers and horses of the Light Horse Brigade. 

As a horse grinds away the teeth grow back but the circular grinding motion can create very sharp edges or points sharp enough to create cuts in the gums and tongue.  

“We get grumpy when our teeth hurt and it’s the same for horses.

“They can lose weight and teeth,” Dr Daniel said.

Reports are that Nemo was the ideal dental patient.

“Nemo is very friendly and reliable, which is why he’s such an ideal horse for Anzac Day parades.

“Most horses need a dental every 6 to 12 months depending on their age and diet,” Dr Daniel said.