Little lamb follows Jasmin to school

Jasmin has a little lamb, its fleece is white as snow, and it did follow her to school at Towamba Public one day last week… for news!

With a news-theme of “Bring something with moving parts”, seven-year-old Jasmin Cooper thought five-week-old lamb ‘Rammy’ fit the bill perfectly.

“We didn’t have any other living creatures on the day; Rammy was the only one,” Nancy Blindell, school administration manager said.

“The project was to bring something with parts that moved.

“Jasmin showed the students how the lamb’s ears moved, how its feet moved.

“The other students loved it!.”

The Cooper family, comprising Jasmin and her brothers Eli (two years), Ezekiel (eight years), mum Candice and dad Darren, moved to the pretty Towamba Valley, over 560 kilometres from Mona Vale in Sydney, five months ago.

They love the tree change.

“We wanted to just get out of the hustle and bustle of Sydney to somewhere quieter,” Candice Cooper said.

“It’s great for the kids to grow up here; they are so happy since we moved.

“It’s lovely here; we have a whole lot of lovely neighbours.

“When the kids get home from school, they run around, go next door and play with their friends, play with the animals.”

Rammy is part of a growing menagerie at the Cooper’s rented 20acre property.

“We have five heifer calves, two dogs, the lamb and four chickens,” Candice said.

Clearly Rammy is Jasmin’s best beastie in the menagerie.

“Jasmin loves the lamb – she sleeps with him sometimes.

“He follows her around like a little dog.”

Even to school!