Wyndham and Kiah halls to get spruce up

Wyndham Community Hall will receive $11,616 for roof repairs and painting, and Kiah Hall $3,000 for toilet tiling and an upgrade thanks to the Community Environmental Grants announced this week by Bega Valley Shire Council.

The grants program supports community groups and organisations to enhance, protect and restore the natural environmental assets of the shire Bega Valley Shire Council.

Wyndham and Kiah halls are not the only locality halls, often the social and recreational hub of the communities they service, and managed by dedicated volunteers and council, to receive grant funding for repairs.

Bemboka Hall will receive $23,045 for major electrical upgrades and roofing repairs,  Quaama Hall  was awarded $7,000 to for grease trap replacement and upgrade, Candelo Hall receives $10,000 for drainage and concreting, and $5,339 to Murrah Hall for repair of white ant damage.

An additional sum of $14,000 has been set aside for unscheduled maintenance and work over-runs should they arise.