Eden's Wayne Fulton awarded RFS life membership

It was a special afternoon at the Eden RFS shed on Saturday, with an important job to do.

The men and women of the brigade were recognising one of their own, deputy captain Wayne Fulton, by bestowing Life Membership on him.

Superintendent John Cullen, district manager Far South Coast RFS, presented the award on behalf of the RFS.

“Today is a pretty special day for the Eden Brigade, and a pretty special day for Wayne Fulton in particular; the brigade is bestowing life membership on you,” Superintendent Cullen said.

“I don’t know if you’re happy about that, but it’s happening!”

There to witness the honour were four generations of the Fulton family, including Wayne’s father, 91-year-old  Mick Fulton.

Inspector Cullen acknowledged how important family was to the RFS.

“When you look around here, you can see the Eden Brigade is family.

“Wayne’s father Mick was around when I first joined the RFS, and Wayne’s son is also here today.”

Superintendent Cullen acknowledged Wayne’s service history, including his years as brigade captain.

“You were captain for quite some time when it was difficult to get recruits, and there were some big fires.

“It was an enormous commitment for anyone, but especially on top of your work at the mill.

“When I first started, you were always available, and always my first port of call.

“Congratulations to you and the brigade for putting you up.”

Wayne Fulton’s life membership citation acknowledged his outstanding service with the Eden Fire Brigade, which he joined on January 1, 1969.

“You have served a wide variety of roles with our Brigade and gained the rank of Captain.

“You served with distinction.

“Your achievements over the past 45 years are of the highest order.”