Lake Curalo ‘to be transformed’

The Lake Curalo foreshore at Eden Cove is set to be transformed into a recreational hub, with a number of projects planned to breathe life into the area.

The boardwalk around the lake will be extended, two bridges constructed, and picnic tables and viewing platforms installed as part of the work to be carried out.

Eden Cove Residents Group spokesperson Mike Stebbings said he is exploring the possibility of applying for state and federal government grants, to add to around $117,000 allocated to the effort by Bega Valley Shire Council.

Mr Stebbings is also the coordinator of the new Eden Cove Landcare Group, which was launched at the foreshore on Tuesday morning.

“We saw the foreshore deteriorating pretty badly over a number of years, and we wanted something done about it,” he said.

“It’s an asset that should be utilised for recreation; it’s a great spot overlooking the lake and it’s a non-vehicle area.

“We decided to set up a landcare group and council have come forward with some funding, and I’ve been extremely impressed with the willingness of Bega Valley Shire Council and the Far South Coast Landcare Association to discuss our issues and work with us.”

Landcare community support officer David Newell agreed, saying he is pleased to see a cooperative effort between the various stakeholders.

Eden Cove is the latest in a number of landcare groups to be established in the Bega Valley, joining other including Pambula, Tura and Bemboka.

BVSC natural assets officer Andrew Morrison said it is great to see local residents taking an active interest in their local environment and working to maximise its potential.

“We see it as a really positive thing, and council is always very supportive of community groups that take an active interest in managing their environment,” Mr Morrison said.

“A lot of us live in the area for its natural beauty, and having a reserve like this so close to Eden is really exciting and just another example of some of the assets this area.

“We’ll be working with the group to plant out some areas and plan the use of the reserve.”

“Through good management, we can give people an opportunity to come and see some beautiful places that they might not necessarily know are here.”

Bega Valley Shire Councillor Sharon Tapscott echoed Mr Morrison’s thoughts, saying the overall plans have the potential to make this Eden Cove’s “moment in time”.

“I’m just really pleased that this place is starting to get the attention that it needs,” Cr Tapscott said.

“This is a great natural asset that we’ve got here, and up until now it’s been underutilised and undervalued to some degree.

“In a way, because it’s so pristine and it’s been left for so long, we’re lucky; lack of development might have been the best thing that ever happened to this place, but now we’ve got to make the most of it.

“There’ll be spiritual ownership of this place thanks to the new landcare group, and they’ll look after it better than anybody else.

“You see that in many places; the ownership is taken up by the people around the area, and you can’t get better surveillance than that.”