Marina group braves wild winds to celebrate success: PHOTOS

It may have been one of the worst nights to be out, but that didn’t stop the Port of Eden Marina Group (POEM) from celebrating their recent successful lobbying of the NSW State Government, which has seen them score $10million to build a wave attenuator at Snug Cove, Eden, on Friday night.

Around 30 guests and POEM members avoided fallen trees and wild seas to sit down to the lovely dinner prepared by Matt and Fiona Allen at the Twofold Bay Yacht Club.

State Treasurer and Member for Bega, Andrew Constance, was an apology on the night, but was represented by Councillor Russell Fitzpatrick, who read a statement on the Treasurer’s behalf.

“I’m disappointed that I’m unable to attend to celebrate with you tonight,” the statement read.

“This project will inject in excess of $13million in infrastructure spending by this State Government, into Eden.

“I believe Eden has a positive future.

“I’m extremely pleased Eden will remain as an active port, and will emerge as one of the greatest boating destinations for locals and visitors, as the project will ensure Eden’s maritime character not only continues, but prospers into the future.

“This is not only great news for local boaters and visiting boaters, but will provide a significant boost to the local economy as the project will provide jobs during the construction, and will increase visitation to the region.

“I have always, and will continue to support, the Eden community and firmly believe that Eden will once again be a thriving town.

“Hard-working people, and an injection of funds for major infrastructure, will keep it on the map.”

Mr Constance’s statement concluded with an invitation to the Eden community to attend a morning tea at 9am on July 24 at the Eden Fishermen’s Club, to celebrate the Snug Cove development.

POEM president Fritz Drenkhahn called for a toast to Andrew Constance.

He promised the group will stick around to see the project through its design, and construction phases.

“We will still be here to see the design, construction and completion of a safe harbour and marina,” he said.

The wave attenuator has long been advocated by the POEM group to create a safe, small boat port, protected from south west gales.

The first stage of the project is the State Government funded, wave attenuator infrastructure build, followed by development of a private, 200 berth marina projected to cost around $6million.

A second milestone for the group celebrated on the night, was the development of their website funded by a grant from the Bendigo Bank.