“This Eden”: VIDEO

“A natural deep water harbour, surrounded by no less than three national parks, is it any wonder this place is called Eden?

“Overlooking majestic Twofold Bay, the township of Eden is a drawcard for tourists.

“White sand beaches, rainforest walks and fresh caught seafood are irresistible attractions.

“But Eden is not just another quaint coastal town on the southern coast of NSW.

“This town has a more compelling story; the incredible story of the killers of Eden.

“An unlikely alliance between humans and killer whales, a museum that was built to preserve the memory of a whale loved by a township, the rise and fall of colonial entrepreneurs, the history of the local Yuin people, and the annual migration of hundreds of whales.”

That’s just the opening two minutes of voiceover from a new video showcasing the wonders of our town, which is set to premiere at the Eden Killer Whale Museum in the next few months.

A still taken from "This Eden", produced by Adele Video Productions and commissioned by the Eden Killer Whale Museum.

A still taken from "This Eden", produced by Adele Video Productions and commissioned by the Eden Killer Whale Museum.

Produced by Adele Video Productions, stunning scenic shots and the above voiceover quite simply leave the viewer spellbound.

The full 35-minute video is nearing completion, and will be available for sale at the museum in a few months’ time.

A shorter 20-minute film will also be played in the museum’s theatrette, with sneak peek snippets to be released on the museum’s website and Facebook page over the coming weeks.

Eden Killer Whale Museum office coordinator Bob Sykes said the video was commissioned by the museum in mid-2013.

“Basically, the reason for it was that the videos we have running in the theatrette are a bit outdated,” Bob said.

“We wanted to highlight different parts of the town, and also some of the work that goes on behind the scenes here at the museum.

“The video looks at some of the historic stories and places like the story of the Killers of Eden and the Davidson Whaling Station, the fishing and timber industries, Boyd’s Tower, Greencape, the wharf at Snug Cove and the Seahorse Inn.

“There’s also a lot of scenery with aerial footage of the beaches, and some of the more recent tourist attractions like the whale festival and whale watching with Cat Balou.”

Keep your eye on the Eden Killer Whale Museum’s website and Facebook page for more sneak peeks, and to keep updated on when the video will be released.