Youth cautioned over Eden break-ins

Eden Police have cautioned a youth over recent break-and-enter offences.
Eden Police have cautioned a youth over recent break-and-enter offences.

A local youth responsible for recent break-and-enter offences around Eden has been apprehended and cautioned by police under the Young Offenders Act.

The teenage male attended Eden Police Station with his mother around 6.40pm last Wednesday, following an offence committed on the Princes Highway, Eden earlier that day.

Detective Inspector Kevin McNeil from the Far South Coast Local Area Command said the boy had been recognised by the homeowner, who returned from an afternoon walk to find him in the house.

“On June 25 at around 3.30pm, the owner of a home on the Princes Highway at Eden has gone out for a walk,” he said.

“At around 3.40pm, she has returned and seen the young person.

“It appears that she knew the young person.

“Police have also viewed CCTV footage from the location, and then arranged with the young person’s mother for them to attend Eden Police Station later that night, where he has been cautioned under the Young Offenders Act.”

He was also cautioned for a break-and-enter offence committed in West Street, Eden, on the afternoon of Friday, June 13.

Detective Inspector McNeil said the youth qualified for a caution on the grounds that he admitted and demonstrated remorse for the crimes, and because he has not received three prior cautions.

Under the terms of the Act, the caution is not a criminal record, but a record is kept by police and the courts for reference in any future matters.

Detective Inspector McNeil also issued a reminder to local residents to remain safety conscious and report any crimes to police.

“Our message [to residents] is to report all incidents to police, be safety conscious and lock your doors and windows, put valuables out of sight and take notice of people in your area,” he said.