Mallacoota, it’s time to retune

Mallacoota residents will need to retune their TVs on Monday.
Mallacoota residents will need to retune their TVs on Monday.

Mallacoota residents are being advised that all channels except SBS will be changing frequencies on Monday.

Eden will not be affected, with the town's retune date currently set down for October 22.

These moves will free up broadcasting spectrum so it can be used for new services, such as mobile broadband.

Once the channels have moved, viewers will need to retune their digital TV, set-top box or digital TV recorder to get them back.

Viewers who receive their reception from the Genoa TV transmitter will have already retuned.

Retuning is done using the remote. For most systems, viewers should press the ‘menu’ button on the remote, and look for settings such as ‘channels’ or ‘auto-tuning’, then follow the prompts to retune.  A video and 3-step guide to retuning is available on the website.

There may be some disruption to all TV services for several hours on Monday due to work being conducted at the transmission site. Viewers should wait until after 3:30pm before retuning.

There may also be outages to all TV services on Tuesday. Viewers will not need to retune again – the TV services will reappear once the work at the transmission site has been completed.

Viewers can find information about how to retune and any scheduled retune outages on the website or by calling the Digital Ready Information Line.

Viewers who are having difficulty retuning their equipment should check their manufacturer’s handbook or manual for instructions on how to retune, ask a friend or family member to help, visit the retune website or call the Digital Ready Information Line on  1800 20 10 13 between 8am and 10pm.


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