Dancing debutantes: VIDEO, MEGA GALLERY 2.

The debutante tradition was alive and dazzling in Eden on Saturday night as twelve young debutantes and their partners made their debut.

Organisers Flo Young, Pam Inwood, Megan Adams and Dave Boulton looked a bit stunned as the debutantes were presented to dignitaries.

"I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely they were on the night," Flo Young told the Magnet on Monday.

"They came up looking pretty good, and they were a challenging group!

"The girls' dresses were gorgeous."

Debutantes Alex Smith, Emily Claxton, Emily Stroud and Tegan Grant agreed the best part of being a debutante was dressing up and “having fun with all our friends." 

"It's so much fun to do this as a group, all of us together," Emily Stroud said.

The auditorium at the Eden Fishermen's Club was packed with friends and family, all there to capture their loved ones on every media device imaginable.

Organisers have barely drawn breath, yet they are already busy planning next year's debutante ball, the 50th.

What a golden event that will be!