Insider's view: Wind farm blades unloaded at Port of Eden: PHOTOS/VIDEO

Australian Marshalling Services (AMS) stevedores commenced work unloading the latest shipment of Boco Rock Wind Farm blades at the Port of Eden navy multipurpose wharf on Tuesday.

The blades, each of which are 48.7 metres in length, arrived aboard the Swiss bulk carrier Clipper Helvetia.

It is the second shipment of components to be discharged by the local stevedoring operation, after Port Kembla-based Patrick Ports and Stevedoring were awarded the first two contracts by shipping lines.

The final components will arrive over the course of two final shipments, with tower sections and nacelles due on the AAL Gladstone next Thursday, and blades to arrive aboard the Dutch ship Tiberborg on July 16.

AMS operations manager David Staight said the experience of unloading two shipments proves the locals’ capability, and will be an asset in negotiations for the remaining contracts.

“We’ve proved we can do it and do it in a timely manner, which puts runs on the board for us,” he told the Magnet.

“It’s a difficult discharge, especially when the swell is rocking the ship just enough to give us a bit of grief lining it up with the truck [as it was on Tuesday], but it’s great experience for us.”