Monster flathead caught near Eden

Ryan Jackson of Eden tries to look unfazed, but you can tell he’s pretty chuffed about this 10.5 kilo, 97 cm flathead he caught on the weekend at Wonboyn Lake.

“I haven’t caught anything like it,” he told the Magnet on Tuesday.

“I thought it was a salmon at first. It was only when I got it out of the water and on to the boat that I saw it was a big flathead.”

17-year-old Ryan is a regular fisher although on the weekend, this was only the second catch that afternoon.

“I was relieved I got it in the boat.

“We only got two hook ups for the day.

“The first one was a big salmon and it bit me off and took me lure.

“I changed the lure to a deep diver, a medium diver, it just dives down a bit deeper, and picked the flathead up.”

Ryan caught the whopper around high tide at 4pm, trawling with the lure and using his bream rod.

He was fishing with his Pop, Bob Jackson, Uncle Michael Jackson and little cousin Holly Bennett.

“I was a little bit excited.

“It’s the biggest fish I’ve ever caught.”

Ryan was back fishing last night at the wharf and caught another large flathead.

“I didn’t measure it though, it was around 40cm,”he said.

You can guess what was on the menu for dinner at the Jackson household on the weekend.

 “Yep, it went onto me dinner plate,” Ryan grinned.


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