Acoustics on the rise in Eden

Internationally renowned performer Martin Pearson will perform at an Eden house concert on May 21. Image:

Internationally renowned performer Martin Pearson will perform at an Eden house concert on May 21. Image:

A newly arrived Eden resident is hoping to put the town on the map as a must-play destination for acoustic artists.

David O’Connor recently moved to the area from Tasmania, and will hold his second house concert on Wednesday, May 21, featuring internationally renowned performer and comedian Martin Pearson.

David said 16 people attended his first house concert in February, but he hopes to fill all 24 seats this time around.

“Martin Pearson is an international star who has performed all over Australia, as well as in the UK, US, Canada and France,” he said.

“I’ve known him for about 40 years, so he’s doing me a favour and coming to Eden to do a house concert with me.

“He has been described as funnier than Billy Connolly, without the language, and has a dozen CDs to his name.”

And while Pearson is one of the most highly rated acoustic acts in the country, David says the quality of performers at his shows will not decline.

He is currently in the process of organising an evening starring Bukhu, a popular Mongolian throat singer.

“Mongolian throat singing is pretty strange when you hear it recorded, but when you’re actually there and you hear this guy singing two or three different notes at the same time, it’s just extraordinary and it blows your mind,” David said.

“Bukhu is hoping to come down in the next few weeks and do a house concert with me as well.

“People should know that when I put on a house concert, it’s with somebody special.

“It’s not just your ordinary Uncle Joe who sings in the backyard; these are really good performers.”

A musician with 50 years of experience that includes 11 CDs, David has turned his focus to promoting newer acts.

He says the house concert setting is ideal for acoustic music, offering an experience you wouldn’t get at a large venue.

“You’re that close that they have to look you in the eyes and communicate with you, and you have fun together,” he said.

“It’s a very intimate setting, and it’s brilliant because they can do things that they can’t do with huge audiences; they can judge exactly what they think you’d like and give it to you.

“I’m getting on a bit now, so I like to promote the younger people because their music is great.

“It’s just wonderful stuff, and I think more people should hear it.”

To book your place or get more details about David’s next house concert on May 21, featuring Martin Pearson, call 0437 896 335, or email


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