Eden pool under review

EDEN resident Marie MacDonald was left “cranky” by comments made by Bega Valley Shire Mayor Bill Taylor on ABC Radio last Friday when discussing the future of local pools. 

Mrs MacDonald who has lived in Eden most of her life said she hopes that council does not close the Eden pool when they examine the efficiency of local over the next twelve months. 

“I heard Bill Taylor speaking on ABC Radio on Friday and I was not very impressed,” Mrs MacDonald said. 

“He didn’t say as much but he suggested the idea of shutting the pools and swimming in the ocean instead.” 

Mrs MacDonald moved to the Eden community as a teenager and learnt to swim before the town had a pool. 

“I learnt to swim as a teenager down near where the co-op is now, this was going back years ago and they use to put a net across from there to the rock wall on the other side,” she said. 

“That’s how we all learnt to swim and then when I had children they got a pool.

“When we got that pool we spent a lot of time at there.” 

The 68-year-old resident was left irritated by the Mayor’s comments about the regions pools. 

“That made me very cranky because we need our pools,” she said. 

“Where are the kids going to have their school carnivals and competitions?

“Not everyone wants to swim at the beach.”

Bega Valley Shire Mayor Bill Taylor that the future of local pools was under review once the summer season was over specifically the Bemboka and Eden pool. 

“The Bemboka pool as with the Eden pool will be reviewed once the summer season is over,” Cl Taylor said. 

“Prior to this summer starting both the leases came up for renewal, this will give Bega Valley Shire Council an opportunity to review the finances and condition of the pools. 

“As with any major significant financial asset over time it is our responsibility to review how it is operating. 

“With both pools being under lease-hold we have not had access to certain information for example income and finances.” 

Cl Taylor said the interview with ABC Radio which came about because of the current issues with Bemboka pool was presented in a negative way and that the review process will be transparent with community involvement. 

“With Bemboka pool we decided to close the pool for the season and review the facility once the season is over. 

“With Eden we have taken a different approach, we have just extended the opening hours as a trial process to see if that has some impact on the finances,” he said. 

The extended opening hours were suggested during a community feedback session last year and a trail period will provide greater flexibility for swimmers on Tuesday and Thursday during February from 6am to 6pm. 

On all other days the pool will be open on the normal hours from 10am to 6pm.  

Marie MacDonald has lived in Eden for more than 50 years and hopes the Bega Valley Shire Council leaves the region’s pools alone.

Marie MacDonald has lived in Eden for more than 50 years and hopes the Bega Valley Shire Council leaves the region’s pools alone.