Lumen students’ drop of kindness

Earlier this year when Lumen students visited Pontevedra, the Philippines they experienced firsthand the lack of fresh drinking water available.

The students learnt about how access to clean water reduces the incidence of water-borne contagions resulting less in illness among children, helping them stay at school, and helping their families stay at work.

Lumen has partnered with a DisasterAid Australia to provide a water filtration unit for the community.

The installation of a SkyHydrant, which uses sophisticated reverse membrane technology to create potable water will be a significant development for the people of Pontevedra.

Lumen is very grateful to the Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast who have provided $2,500 to go towards funding the project.

Recently a Year 7 class decided to help and through their efforts the class was able to raise another $700.

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