School’s 300 stars to end violence

Bre Taylor, Pelenise Ofati

Bre Taylor, Pelenise Ofati

Eden Marine High School students made a colourful contribution to the 1Million Stars project during their Positive Relationships day. 

One Million Stars to End Violence is a love and peace filled community project. The stars are symbols of light, courage and solidarity to end all forms of violence, including violence against women, bullying and racism.

Over 300 stars were created by students from years 7-10 which will now be sent to Melbourne.

“This activity was a nice opportunity for us, as a school community, to create something colourful and bright that will have a powerful stand against violence,” teacher Kate Mamone said. 

“It was good to do to support the end of violence and discrimination,” Year 10 student Pelenise Ofati said.

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