Coast Australia presenter full of praise for Eden

One of the world’s most renowned archaeologists and TV presenters says Eden rates “very high up the table” in terms of must-see destinations.

Neil Oliver and the crew of Coast Australia were in town this week to film scenes for the highly successful show’s second season.

While we can’t release details of the episode’s content, Mr Oliver spoke to the Magnet on Thursday morning, calling Eden “a beautiful part of the world”.

“There are many fascinating stories in this town and it’s a really fantastic edition to the Coast encyclopedia,” he said.

“We were here for three days and filmed at various spots along the coastline and in the vicinity of Eden, and the welcome we received was absolutely fantastic.

“Unfortunately parts of our schedule had to be postponed because of the swell, but stories like this along the coastline are often dependent on the conditions and we’ll finish it off another time.”

The Scottish archaeologist is now on his fourth visit to Australia, and says it has been a whirlwind journey after only visiting the country for the first time last January.

He said the reception Coast Australia received in its inaugural run over summer had surpassed all expectations, and promised another bumper season this time around.

“My best guess is that the second season of Coast Australia will screen at the end of this year, so will we see this episode maybe around November,” he said.

“We’re also filming in the Torres Strait, the Pilbara, Norfolk Island, an oil platform off the South Coast, northern NSW and Western Australia.

“I’m really looking forward to it, and what I really like about this trip is that I’ve got my family with me, and I’m actually on my way to Jervis Bay to see them.

“I was amazed at how many people had actually seen the UK version of Coast, and we’re very happy with what we’ve achieved in your country so far.”

Sapphire Coast Tourism board member Jenny Robb said the episode would provide a boost for tourism in the town.

Ms Robb said it will help showcase not only the stunning scenery of Eden, but also the local history which many national and overseas viewers are not aware of.

“This is a very popular show and it’s going to be beamed all over the world,” she said.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity, and it builds on all the work Sapphire Coast Tourism has been doing to attract people to the area.

“I think they (the crew) were obviously taken by the beautiful coastline here, but Neil really honed in on the local history and the stories behind the town, and he was astounded by it.”

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