Eden students spend a day at uni

A GROUP of Year 12 students from Eden Marine High School travelled to Wollongong on Wednesday, February 5 to participate in the University of Wollongong Discovery Day.

Before arrival to the International House on the campus where the group would be staying, Mrs Bond’s suggested the seniors stop in at the Nan Tien Temple. 

The Nan Tien temple is a Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Wollongong and there the class enjoyed a relaxing time within the silent shrines, the serene gardens and ponds.

After feeling sufficiently enlightened, the group made their way to the campus. 

Issued with key-cards to bedrooms and with access to a games room with ping-pong, pool and basketball, the Year 12s were finally able to wind down before bed. 

In the morning, the group prepared breakfasts and lunches, and then set off to the Discovery Day. 

Once there, the Eden students were joined by many other groups of Year 12 students from other schools, totalling more than 1000 people. 

After the introductory session, the group divided and all seniors went to their own respective classes, ranging from chemistry and mathematics to journalism and literature, and even classes about university life. 

After almost two hours of learning, the Year 12 students were let out for lunch, which featured entertainment in the form of loud music and dancing in the uni bar, with the “supervision” of the university student guides, running and assisting the Discovery Day.

Following lunch, and nearly two more hours of learning, the group finally boarded the bus, and began the trip home. 

Spirits lifted by ice cream from the Narooma Ice-creamery, the bus was filled with the sound of 20 students’ excited conversations.

Everyone was in consensus that the Discovery Day was fun, educational and entirely worth the gruelling bus trip to Wollongong. 

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