Save the Australasia

THERE’S cause for celebration in Eden this week as local “people power” banded together on the controversial Australasia Hotel development.

The Bega Valley Shire Council has announced the Great Southern Developments DA (No. 2013.199) to turn the 110-year-old building into a third local supermarket has been rejected.

At the last council meeting, councillors Fitzpatrick and Allen motioned for the refusal of the construction of a new supermarket, liquor store, speciality retail tenancy and associated signage, under the impression the impact of the proposed development would be detrimental to the viability of other businesses in the area and retail centre.

The councillors motioned the demolition of the sight for a supermarket development would be detrimental, as the building has significant historical value within the streetscape and the greater port of Eden.

Eden IGA owner Con Castrissios said he thinks the council’s decision on this matter is great.

“But that’s stage one and I will be waiting to see what happens for stage two,” Mr Castrissios said.

“If they had gone ahead with the supermarket it would not only have affected me but also the butcher, the newsagent and the bakery. 

“If you put in to perspective how many people are employed at each business you would have seen at least 45 people affected and therefore 45 local households affected by job loss et cetera.

“It is a good outcome at this point in time and I can’t ask for anything more.”

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