Child care at Eden in jeopardy

A unique type of child care could be lost from Eden with Pam Skelton considering closing the doors on her Family Day Care. 

In 2013 the two council operated childcare centers in Eden were full and throughout the Bega Valley Shire there is high demand for childcare, however Ms Skelton said her numbers are down. 

“There are a lot of reasons why my numbers are down,” Ms Skelton said. 

“I have had some children leave and go to primary school and I have also had parents who have found the process of calculating subsides to be very complicated, if can be a complicated issues and everyone’s circumstances are different.

“If I do have to shut my doors, I do. Obviously if I only have one or two children then I won’t have a viable business.” 

Ms Skelton has operated her service from her home for the past two years and has a background as a special needs teacher.

While her service is different from a preschool or a child care centre she said the service often suits younger children or babies.

“Eden is fortunate to have great schools, a pre-school and a long day care centre,” Ms Skelton said. 

“Family Day Care provides in-home care for babies, young children and school aged children, offering all the important features of quality care in a home-like atmosphere that some parents find attractive.”

Family Day Care supervisor Zanette Burr said Ms Skelton is the only service provider in Eden and while she operates two days a week would have to shut her doors if her business was not viable. 

“Pam is a fantastic teacher but now she is down to one or two children and is considering closing her doors,” Ms Burr said.  

“Last year most of the childcare centres in Eden were full and throughout the Bega Valley Shire there is a big demand so it would be sad to see her service go.

“However Pam is very skilled educator and tailors programs to suit children’s interests for example if she has a child who is interested in dinosaurs she can set the learning framework around that.”

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